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License #C-34053 

tile styles king beforeUnexpected repairs are surprising and unfortunate but you can turn them into a positive opportunity. 


With this project we were called to give our assessment about a leaking shower. We offered many options for the client and chose the option best for their needs. We found many installation errors with this shower. Fortunately the homeowner did get several years out of the previous installation. The biggest problem with the shower leaking was the shower curb which is a common one. The curb had a leak which slowly allowing water to leak into the wood subfloor and deteriorate much of the wood which needed repair. This also caused damage outside the shower to the adjacent regular flooring tile. As you can see lots of damage occurred from a small leak.

The client wanted to keep the same blue tile design while adding a different tile. We were able to surgically remove just the damaged tiles on the wall and transplanted the new and refurbished blue tile back on the wall like the previous design.

The shower floor and regular floor area was up for a new design. Thanks to their interior designer, Voit Studios, a visual mockup drawing was created to confirm the new look and 
thus we proceeded with a brighter, white theme. This not only brightened the room but added a sense extra space.

Photographs courtesy: Christopher King

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