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License #C-34053 

gary the water testerGary just joined out staff and will personally be inspecting every shower floor to guarantee each shower pan is leak proof and ready for a long lasting tile job.


 The most important part of any tiled shower stall installation is waterproofing of the shower floor. The number one complaint in the tile industry is leaking showers and the resulting damage is very costly. We here at Tile Styles take this very seriously. We take our time and install a well designed, shower pan waterproofing system and give every shower floor a 24 hour flood test to guarantee no leaks exists before moving on to complete the tile floor. We also make sure that the floor slopes properly to the drain so no stubborn puddles are left behind after a shower.
Here Gary will float around for 24 hour looking for any leaks. The next morning he will report his finding to us and we'll begin the next stage of building a beautiful shower bathroom.


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