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License #C-34053 


pebble_thumbPebble Tiles are a wonderful design compliment to other tiles especially for shower floors. Pebbles come in a variety of colors, sizes, and texture.



A homeowner shows us how some "tile guys" install tile and the "good deal" they offer.

We arrived and discussed with her how we can help her repair the damage.

blog_07_introThe quality and grades of tiles are not graded with this A through F standard were familiar with but there are terms and standards in the industry that helps us compare the choices of tile.

consult_blogShopping through the variety of tile colors, sizes, and designs can be fun. During the process you will see many pricing methods. 


blog_09__4_GlazeCompared_thumbTile glazes are manufactured in various ways that can produce either excellent results or less desirable results. 

painted floor- blogA common question about tiling older floors is how to deal with the previous materials that have been installed.




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