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License #C-34053 


2015 Tile Styles glass door 2Glass door can be added to most showers and tub enclosures and we can install these after the tile installation. 

grab barGrab Bars are safety devices that aids persons entering and exiting the shower or tub enclosure. 


refurbished tilesRefurbishing Loose Tiles Can Save You Money


sealer duringOver time Natural Stone looses it's initial beautiful finish compared to the enhanced looked at installation. That is due to the initial polish or enhancing sealer, applied at installation, wearing off over time. 

patio_old_webOver time water deposit, soap scum, and mold may build up on your tile and grout lines. Cleaning these unsightly elements can be difficult and laborious. Save time by following these tips below.


pebble_thumbPebble Tiles are a wonderful design compliment to other tiles especially for shower floors. Pebbles come in a variety of colors, sizes, and texture.



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