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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tile be installed over wood floors?
- Yes but NOT directly. Current industry standards recommends a cementitious backerboard to be adhered to the wood subfloor prior to tiling.
Can tile be installed over vinyl or other soft flooring?
-No. This kind of flooring must be removed prior to tile installation.
Will tiles crack or break if I drop something on them?
-Not normally. Tiles are very durable especially if installed properly. Normal residential living conditions should not damage the tile BUT be cautious of heavy items such as tools around tile floors.
Can damaged tile be replaced?
- Certainly. With proper preparations cracked tiles can be removed and replaced with new ones. The cause of the damage should be investigated to prevent a repeat occurance. It is also advised to have extra tiles available after the initial tile installation for this very reason.
What is the difference between wall & floor tiles?
- Wall tile are generally thinner and made of a softer ceramic thus they are not suitable for flooring. However floor tiles may be used for walls as long as matching trim is available.
Do tiles need to be sealed?
- Generally no. Tiles have a glaze layer that repels all substances including sealers. Sealers are designed for the grout lines and act as a stain barrier. Although sealers produce a water-resistant barrier on the surface of grout and some tiles, they can NOT be expected to be a water-proofing agent.
How can I tell if the grout lines need to be sealed?
- If you put a few drops of water on the grout lines and it beads up then the sealer is OK. If the water absorbs quickly then it is time to seal the grout.


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